Gonubalabala Island

Papua New Guinea


  off the grid. 


Explore Gonubalabala Island and its beautiful surrounds with the locals; go snorkeling and catch fresh crayfish for dinner, scuba dive with manta rays, spend time foraging for wild foods and then learn how to prepare your evening meal, the traditional way.  Without lights star gazing takes on a new dimension. Completely off the grid, no electricity, limited cellular access, and water collected from the rain. 

During your time on the island, you can learn time-honored ways of weaving, sago making and preparing natural products from coconuts.

Listen to beautiful music and stories told by the elders in the Mailulu clan language - a truly beautiful, and authentic, island experience in the company of the friendliest people in the South Pacific. 

Nydia Nelson first welcomed intrepid travelers to Tauwase (tah-ew-wa-say) Village Homestay on February 14, 2011. She and her family are members of the Mailulu clan, owners of the island. Nydia's ancestors have lived here for over seven generations. 

GONUBALABALA@GMAIL.COM  +675 7271 9047  +675 7213 7033

Private Bungalow

Private Bungalow

Shared Bungalow

Shared Bungalow


The two eco-guest bungalows are a great way to experience the local culture and traditional way of life. 

These traditionally built timber bungalows are surrounded with lush gardens and have direct views of the sea. You will be greeted each morning to beautiful birdsong and sounds of the island.  

The bungalows are modest in nature, provide everything you need to feel comfortable.  There is a private pit toilet and bucket shower dedicated to the guest area. All beds have mosquito nets.

The Private Bungalow includes a double and a single bed, writing desk and a deck with hammock.

The Shared Bungalow has three single beds,  a table and is 4 meters from the beach. Hammocks are outside over looking the beach.



scuba diving & island activities

The Milne Bay area offers a wide variety of diving experiences. Good visibility plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C are consistent all year round.  The pristine reef is home to an astonishing number and variety of marine life. 

Day or night you will find a wide variety of gobie, nudibranchs, mandarin fish, ghost pipe fish, pigmy seahorse and an abundance of other fascinating creatures. 

A large coral bommie has long been a draw for Manta Rays. The locals have been spotting these gentle giants for decades and know their habits well. 

The reef of Gonubalabala is richly carpeted with coral which makes for great snorkeling. 

Tours available to the nearby islands of Doini (hiking and ancestral skull cave), Samarai (weekly market), Kwato (historic stone church), Deka Deka (snorkeling) and Nasapeipei beach foraging cookout. All within a 20 - 45 minute dinghy trip.

Tour rates of K50 per person for off island tours.

Guide fees of K 10 per person

Please inquire about diving rates when you get in touch


accomodation rates

Private Bungalow

Includes 3 meals a day & all on-island activities 

One Week: Single; K 1,190 per person.                         Couple; K 1,960 per couple

One Month: Single; K 4,760 per person.                      Couple; K 7,840 per couple

Sleeps three people - one queen bed and one single bed

Mosquito nets, sheets, pillows, towel provided


Shared Bungalow

Includes 3 meals a day & all on-island activities 

One Week: Single; K 700 per person.                           Couple; K 980 per couple

One Month: Single; K 2,000 per person.                       Couple;  K 3,920 per couple

Sleeps three people - Three single beds

Mosquito nets, sheets, pillows, towel provided


+675 7271 9047  +675 7213 7033

trip planning

Gonubalabala is an hour and half  dinghy ride from Alotau.  Transit to and from can be arranged by Nydia.

A public dinghy between Samarai (about an hour) and Alotau runs on a set schedule. Once on Samarai contract with a local dinghy driver to take you to Gonubalabala (20 minutes)

Solar battery chargers for phones, cameras are essential, as are solar lights/headlamp.

During an extended stay clothes laundry can be arranged for an extra charge.